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Natural Cycles: Do pregnancy prevention apps work?
There's a debate in Sweden over their reliability after women reported unwanted pregnancies.

'It's time to stop presenting her as a victim': Mother of Kim Wall

Ingrid Wall wants people to remember her daughter as a journalist - not a victim.
One year ago, journalist Kim Wall was killed by a Danish inventor while on board his submarine. Today, friends and strangers from around the world have been taking part in charity runs to remember her. Her mother, Ingrid Wall, told us she wants people to remember her daughter as a 'fantastic journalist' - and not as a victim. 

(Photo: Kim Wall, journalist who was killed on board Peter Madsen's submarine. Credit: Kim Wall's family).
A cow on a beach in Crimea

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...as found by BBC Monitoring

The Swedish government is allowing farmers in the south to bring their cows to the beaches because of the roasting summer heat.

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Magnificent festivals, 17th century Roman style

A grand spectacle staged in honour of the glamorous Swedish Queen Christina
In the 1650s, rich Roman families competed to put on spectacular shows to welcome the Pope’s prize convert to Catholicism, Queen Christina of Sweden. A description from Veronica Buckley’s Christina, Queen of Sweden: The Restless Life of a European Eccentric, read by Emma Handy

Photo: The Festivities in honour of Queen Christina at Palazzo Barberini in 1656 by Filippo Lauri and Filippo Gagliardi (Getty Images)