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    Video caption: The Hampshire doctor terra-forming Mars with lasers

    Dr Phil Davies fires lasers at Mars in the hope of saving space form nuclear armament

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    Video caption: Moon a stepping stone to Mars, says US space agency Nasa

    The Artemis programme intends to send the first woman and next man to the lunar surface in 2024.

  3. New Sark star celebrates Royal Charter

    Rebecca Thorn

    BBC News

    A new star has been gifted to the "dark sky island" of Sark.

    Sark Observatory Society spent Saturday evening looking up for the "1565" star which belongs to the corona borealis constellation.

    Its number reflects the year the island was given its royal charter by Queen Elizabeth I on 6 August 1565.

    The galactic gift was presented to one of the island's observatory guides for his birthday last year.

    Annie Dachinger, of the Society, described it as an "honour" for the island.

    She said it was an "exciting" opportunity to catch a closer glimpse of the star on Saturday.

    "The skies are very clear here, and there's no pollution, either day or night, so you get to see a lot of stars", she said.

    "It's quite colossal".

  4. Is there life in the clouds of Venus?

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    Video caption: Scientists have detected traces of phosphine, a molecule associated with life

    "I like to think of it as the neglected sibling. It's sometimes called Earth's sister planet but it hasn't received the kind of attention it deserves"