1. Mark Carney visits an art gallery

    The BBC's personal finance correspondent Simon Gompertz tweets from an important financial event at the Tate Britain...

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  2. Long preparations for the new £20 note

    BBC Radio 5 Live

    New polymer £20 note

    The new £20 note is rolling out today, and the Bank of England claim the new polymer note is their strongest yet, containing a total of 14 security features that supposedly make it particularly hard to counterfeit or break.

    "The whole reason the Bank of England moved to the new polymer notes is because it's more difficult to counterfeit them - they're more complicated structures effectively than the old-style cotton paper notes that we used for so many years," Jo Francis, contributing editor of Print Week told Wake Up to Money.

    "The theory is that these polymer notes last longer than the paper notes...they're supposed to last 2.5 times longer than a paper note."

    She added that the £20 is the most popular bank note used in the UK: "There are over two million of them in circulation... De La Rue, who print money for the Bank of England, they've been printing these new polymer £20 since 2018, getting all the stocks ready. This is the big one."

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    Video caption: What does the new £20 note look like?

    The BBC's Simon Gompertz explains what the new £20 banknote looks like.