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Prelude to bad times?

Gold bars
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In a global economy facing such uncertainties - Brexit, trade rows - assets such as gold are traditionally viewed as a safe haven investment.

However, gold prices have been falling.

Graph showing the gold price over three months
Gold prices over three months

Randgold Resources chief executive Mark Bristow, says: "If you go back to 2008 and the great crash and even 1999 when the bubble burst in IT, those big adjustments in the gold price were preempted by softer gold prices.

He says: "If you look at the global stability economically and geopolitically with the rising tensions on the trade side of things with the US and China and other Western countries, you saw the news out of Europe today and the ongoing issues around Brexit just generally around the Europe club there's no harmony at all and we're definitely seeing negative signs of quantitative tightening and interest rate increases."

Micro Focus ends week on top

Micro Focus

After investors gave Micro Focus's interim results the cold shoulder earlier this week, the UK's largest software company has seen its stock bounce back and this morning it is leading the FTSE 100.

Its share price is up 4.3% £12.74.

There are only three blue chip fallers on Friday and they are led by mining group Randgold Resources, down 0.32% at £55.56.

Overall, the FTSE 100 is ahead 59.35 points, or 0.78%, at 7,710.68.

The FTSE 250 is up 152.62 points or 0.73% at 20,932.39.