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    Video caption: Child heart transplants: 'I'm ecstatic I got such an amazing gift'

    Freya Heddington, 14, received a new type of transplant where "non-beating donor hearts" are revived.

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    Video caption: Covid-19: DUP MP says donated kidney discarded in pandemic

    The DUP’s Ian Paisley wants an emergency Commons debate on the discarding of donated kidneys during the coronavirus pandemic.

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    Video caption: Hebburn dad calls out hospital Covid visit restrictions

    One-year-old Max can't have both parents by his hospital bedside due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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    Video caption: Hexham mum is a donor match for her two ill children

    Sarah Bingham's son and daughter have the same rare illness and she is a donor match for both.

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    Video caption: Man gets his third kidney transplant

    Fez finally got the call to receive his third kidney transplant after waiting for a number of years.

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    Video caption: Covid-19: Patient's kidney transplant op cancelled twice

    Kidney transplant patient sees operation cancelled for a second time due to the pandemic.

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    Video caption: Bournemouth family thank donor after heart transplant

    Abbie Burkmar says 'there are not enough words' to thank the family made her son's heart donation possible.