Cheltenham Borough Council

Half of the seats in Cheltenham were up for election this year. Find out more about these elections.

Election 2018 Results

Party Elected in 2018 Total councillors Change

PartyLiberal Democrat

Elected in 2018 17 Total councillors 32 Change+3


Elected in 2018 3 Total councillors 6 Change-1


Elected in 2018 1 Total councillors 2 Change-2
Councillors change compared with 2014

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Anti-gull drone on the cards for Cheltenham

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Councillors could be set to deploy the most hi-tech deterrent yet in Cheltenham's war on gulls - a drone.

The mobile machine would zoom across the town to spot rooftop nests that could then be targeted by prevention methods in a bid to tackle the birds, which are causing sleepless nights for some residents.

Spotting the gulls' homes with the drone would mean officials could oil more eggs to prevent them hatching.

A council working group has come up with a series of recommendations to put to Cheltenham Borough Council's cabinet to agree.

According to a report to be presented to the council's overview and scrutiny committee, urban gull colonies have risen from 239 in 2000 to 473 in 2015 - an increase of nearly 100%.

Armistice Day centenary - A rap/poem by JPDL
Poet JPDL remembers the "Tommies" of World War One and why the poppy honours them.

Concerns raised over transportation of waste to incinerator

Incinerator at Javelin Park

Concerns have been raised about the potential cost to district councils of transporting waste to a new incinerator in Gloucestershire.

The facility, at Javelin Park near junction 12 of the M5, is due to open next summer,

Ubico - the collection company used by Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Borough Councils - has told councillors it will cost more for refuse lorries to drive to Javelin Park.

Councillors have called for a waste transfer station to be built nearby.

Gloucestershire County Council said the cost of each option will be compared before a decision is made in the Autumn.

Cheltenham Conservative leader on net losses

Watch: "Overall we haven't made gains," said Conservative leader Tim Harman

Lib Dems aiming to retake parliamentary seat 'at earliest opportunity'

Watch: Martin Horwood, Cheltenham's former Lib Dem MP

Martin Horwood, the newly-elected Liberal Democrat councillor for Leckhampton, said the gains were a boost for new Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Max Wilkinson.

The party increased its majority to 24 seats in Cheltenham after gaining another three overnight.