Clive James

Kathy Lette on Clive James: He had 'a black belt in tongue-fu'

Lette describes her long friendship with the author, and his "irresistible wordplay"
Clive James had been ill with leukaemia for nearly a decade, and has now died. He first came to Britain as a student in the 1960s and stayed, becoming a newspaper columnist and broadcaster. 

He was known for his wit, humour and skill as a writer. Kathy Lette, a writer who has known James for many years, describes how they met and his "irresistible wordplay".

Photo: Clive James in 2014. Credit: BBC

Clive James shared his thoughts on death with Charlie back in 2015

Clive James passed away aged 80 it was announced on November 17th 2019