Whaley Bridge dam

Whaley Bridge bridge is swept away
Hundreds have volunteered to help rebuild the foot crossing which was swept away in this month's bad weather.

Ale's well that ends well in Whaley Bridge

Liam Barnes

BBC News

Residents forced to evacuate their homes when a reservoir threatened to collapse probably didn't need an excuse for a restorative pint, but now they've got another reason to nip into their local pub.

The Goyt Inn in Whaley Bridge will be selling a beer as a tribute to the RAF and volunteers who helped in securing Toddbrook Reservoir.

Chinook is brewed by Yorkshire-based Elland Brewery, and is also the name of the craft that carried tonnes of aggregate to buttress the dam wall.

The ale went on sale last night, and all proceeds will go to the Buxton Mountain Rescue Team.

Elland Brewery Chinook
PA Media

We had this Chinook chopping across us all day every day and it was a really reassuring sound. The RAF were absolutely fantastic - as was everybody who helped save the dam."

Tony GunnerLandlord, Goyt Inn

Whaley Bridge: Firefighters warn explorers to stay away

Amy Woodfield

BBC News

Firefighters have warned against people exploring the damaged dam at Whaley Bridge - saying they risk injury and may become trapped.

More than 1,500 people were evacuated from the town on 1 August when the Toddbrook Reservoir dam wall partially collapsed.

The reservoir was heavily drained to help stop the dam collapsing. Police said stability of the dam wall had been achieved on August 7 and people could return to their homes.

Toddbrook Reservoir
Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service said they are aware of people exploring the reservoir and have recommended visitors stay out.

The fire service added the presence of mud, silt and debris meant people should avoid the reservoir.

More rain 'not a problem', Whaley Bridge residents told

Greig Watson

Reporter, BBC News Online

More heavy rain is not a cause for concern, residents and businesses in Whaley Bridge have been assured.

The town was evacuated on 1 August over fears the nearby reservoir dam could fail and the cordon was only lifted on Wednesday afternoon.

A yellow weather warning for heavy rain has been issued for the area but emergency services said they were in a "much better place to react to any risks".

Agencies were closely monitoring the dam and water levels behind and residents would be "first to know" should any problems arise.

Fire service talking to residents
Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service

Most roads in Whaley Bridge now open again

Samantha Fisher

BBC News Online

Derbyshire County Council has said most roads around Whaley Bridge are now open again.

A spokeswoman said the A5004 Buxton Road - which runs through the town - reopened this morning with traffic lights.

She said: "High river levels caused by heavy rains last Wednesday and Thursday eroded the riverbed on one side of the bridge and we’re currently carrying out repairs to strengthen the foundations.

"Once the work is completed, the road will be fully reopened which is expected to be within a week."

Buxton Road

She added although most roads are now open, some may have temporary traffic lights to allow for emergency repairs to roads which were heavily used in the clean-up operation.

“Planned roadworks were suspended but now things are returning to normal, scheduled repairs by the county council and utility companies will start up again, which may mean other road closures," she said.