Acts of kindness

Birmingham friend's billboard thanks to volunteer
Claire Johnson very publicly thanks her friend Jo Stretch with an advert in Birmingham city centre.

'It's rare that you get a gift as a child refugee'

Mevan wanted to find the man who gave her a bike as a gift when she was a child refugee
Mevan Babakar was a refugee from Iraq in the 1990s.  She stayed in a refugee camp in the Netherlands for five  years.  A man who worked there bought her a bike ‘out of the kindness of his own heart’.  

She was five years old and has never forgotten it.  Now she’s 29 years old and she wanted to find him to thank him.  So, she posted a picture of him on twitter and asked for help. And she found him!    

(Photo: Mevan Babakar and Egbert after their reunion. Credit: Mevan Babakar)
Binman surprises his favourite customer on her 100th birthday
Ben Bird's kind gesture to mark Dorothy Ballard's milestone has been viewed millions of times.