Digger on Solway nature reserve is simply for the birds

A network of ditches and pools is being dug at the RSPB reserve at Campfield, near the Solway, after wardens found the wetness of the grouod was directly related to the breeding success of the birds there.

David Morris

Dave Blackledge, the site manager said: “Over the years at Campfield Marsh, we’ve found that in places where water has been able to build up rather than drain away, we get high numbers of lapwings and redshanks breeding.

"Through this exciting new project, we’ve designed a network of ditches and shallow pools that allow us to better capture the water and make some areas wet and some areas dry at different times of year as needed."

North Yorkshire tops RSPB league for raptor persecution

North Yorkshire is the worst place in the country for the illegal killing of birds of prey, according to new figures.

Red Kite
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The RSPB’s Birdcrime 2018 report says "bird of prey persecution is still rife, with considerably more crimes in North Yorkshire than anywhere else in the UK".

Fifteen incidents were recorded by the wildlife charity in 2018, with hen harriers, buzzards and owls targeted.

The charity say Nidderdale is a "notorious blackspot". In October last year a red kite found shot and poisoned in the area was found to contain two pieces of shot.

Further examination revealed it had survived those injuries only to be later deliberately poisoned by a cocktail of toxic pesticides, two of which are banned.

Mark Thomas, Head of RSPB Investigations, said: “Raptor persecution is a stain on our countryside and once again North Yorkshire emerges as the country with the highest number of raptor crimes to its name."