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Can Boris Johnson's chief adviser survive political storm?

Dominic Cummings is accused of breaking coronavirus lockdown rules (which he helped write)
Dominic Cummings - the man behind Boris Johnson's election campaign - and Britain’s vote to leave the European Union - has been hitting the headlines in the UK... for all the wrong reasons. 

Newspapers have revealed that, at the very time the government was telling everybody to stay at home under guidelines he helped to write, he and his wife took their child on a drive of more than 400 kilometres to his parents' home in the north of England. His wife had symptoms of the virus, which he also caught. 

Boris Johnson has publicly supported his key ally - but will the British public accept that?  Former conservative MP Matthew Parris says it's not a simple question...

(Photo: Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street, flanked by Dominic Cummings.  Credit: Getty Images)