Plastic pollution

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    Video caption: Students create device to capture car tyre microplastic debris

    We hear a lot about environmental damage from single-use plastics like bottles and packaging but tyre wear is also a big problem, and the focus of a team of students in the UK.

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    Video caption: Gower: 'Huge community effort' to clean plastic nappies off beach

    Nappies and sanitary towels are being washed up on beaches across south Gower after containers spilled.

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    Video caption: Coffee cup confusion: The Internal Market Bill explained

    Coffee cups and single-use plastic can help explain why this proposed law is proving controversial.

  4. Bay clean-up project bids for international grant scheme

    Neil Smith

    South Cumbria journalist, BBC Cumbria

    A project to clear some of the plastic in Morcambe Bay depends on the area receiving enough public votes to secure extra funding under an international competition.

    A scheme called Clear the Bay by Day is up against marine projects in Brazil, Spain and Indonesia.

    Susannah Bleakley

    Susannah Bleakley, from the Morcambe Bay Partnership, says the coronavirus pandemic is responsible for a lot or litter.

    Quote Message: Since the easing of lockdown we are finding large numbers of disposal masks, not just on beaches, towns and villages as well." from Susannah Bleakley
    Susannah Bleakley
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    Video caption: North East bottle swap business aims to reduce plastic waste

    A diver starts a milk round-style bottle swap business in a bid to reduce plastic waste.

  6. Pollution-fighting bin gathers kilos of plastic each day

    This bin, bobbing about in Whitehaven harbour, is the first of a fleet of six being set afloat to capture plastic pollution.

    Sea bin

    The bins filter out micro-plastics, the tiny fragments into which discarded bottles and other items break down, which can otherwise cause damage to sea life and the environment.

    They need to be emptied once about 2kg (4lb) of particles are collected and this one, the first of a fleet of six, is already filling up several times a day.

    The project scheme was the brainchild of the staff and youngsters from the Whitehaven Harbour Youth Project, and the bins were paid for by Sellafield Ltd’s Social Impact Multiplied programme.

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    Video caption: Comic Relief ditch plastic red noses thanks to school campaign

    The iconic Comic Relief red nose is going to be very different this year - it's going to be completely plastic free!

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    Video caption: Whitehead residents cash in with plastic recycling trial

    A recycling trial in Whitehead, County Antrim, is paying residents 20p for each used plastic bottle they place into their household recycling bins.

  9. Plastic bags ban for Alderney 'expected in 2021'

    Andrew Segal

    BBC News

    Alderney’s ban on single-use plastic bags is expected to become law early next year, the island's government has said.

    The island’s Policy & Finance Committee (P&F) approved a draft Projet de Loi for the prohibiting of supplying single-use plastic bags to consumers by retailers, restaurants and delivery services; but does not apply to bags for life, black waste sacks, pet waste bags or packaging in which goods are sealed or contained before sale.

    The ban would also include biodegradable bags because there was uncertainty about how well they degraded, and Alderney does not have the facilities to process them, the States said.

    However, exemptions include the supply of fish, meat and duty-free items.

    P&F has asked St James Chambers, which drafted the proposed law, to carry out a final check before seeking pre-vetting from the Ministry of Justice.

    It would then be presented to the full States of Alderney for final agreement, the States said.