Coastal erosion

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    Video caption: The Outer Hebrides: Islands under threat from rising sea levels

    The Outer Hebrides are already suffering from the impacts of climate change.

  2. Sidmouth cliff erosion 'worse' than first thought

    Daniel Clark

    Local Democracy Reporting Service


    Sidmouth’s crumbling cliffs at East Beach and Pennington Point are among areas that new research by Plymouth University on coastal change has predicted will see more erosion that first thought.

    The research, which focuses on the eastern area of the district, is different from previous work on coastal erosion as it is for planning purposes only and maps a theoretical ‘worst case’ scenario of possible coastal erosion and includes an additional 10 metre buffer zone.

    The study suggests that parts of the coastline at Seaton, areas either side of Branscombe and East of the River Sid at Sidmouth may see more erosion than previously predicted.

    In contrast, the coastline between Seaton and Lyme Regis, west of Seaton to the edge of Branscombe and much of the coast west of Branscombe up to the cliffs east of Sidmouth may see less erosion.

    The research does not, however, take into account the protection that East Devon Beach Management Plan schemes currently in design will deliver.

    East Devon District Council’s strategic planning committee on Tuesday recommended that Cabinet consider the wider implications of this study beyond the setting of planning policy at their earliest opportunity, but with a note of caution that further work may need to be carried out to provide a fully informed paper.

  3. Coastal path to be moved to stop it falling into the beach

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    Chris Binding

    One of South Tyneside’s most scenic roads could be moved to save it from coastal erosion.

    The closing gap between the A183 Coast Road and nearby cliffs between South Shields and Whitburn has prompted concern and designs are now being drawn up to reposition the road.

    Surveys earlier this year found caves were forming under the coastal footpath near the old Lime Kilns.

    Preliminary plans had been drawn up and consultants will then continue with an environmental assessment of the proposed work, a council spokesperson said.

    Council documents say the plan is to allow the cliffs to naturally erode but that this would necessitate moving the road.

    Coast Road close to the sea near Marsden Bay, South Tyneside
  4. Sidmouth sea defence work 'could begin in autumn 2022'

    Daniel Clark

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    Sidmouth seafront

    A "long-awaited" scheme to protect Sidmouth's cliff line could begin in autumn 2022.

    The beach management scheme for the town consists of adding a new rock groyne on East Beach, importing new shingle on to Sidmouth Beach, and East Beach, and raising the existing splash wall along the rear of the promenade.

    The plans aim to reduce the rate of beach and cliff erosion to the east of the River Sid.

    It is estimated to cost £8.7m, with a final design expected in 2021.

    A temporary glass panel was installed earlier in 2020 as part of a trial to see whether it could be a viable option as a sea defence.

    The wall was left virtually unscathed as a result of the impact from the sea, but councillors said CCTV would be required to avoid vandalism.

    A public exhibition on the plans will be held for residents to give their views on the ideas, ahead of a planning application due to be submitted before autumn 2022.

    Splash panel on sidmouth seafront
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    Video caption: Coastal erosion: Landslide leaves house hanging over Kent cliff

    Coastal erosion had undermined the cliff on the Isle of Sheppey, experts say.

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    Video caption: Climate change: Coastal erosion 'to threaten more Australian homes'

    Australia's love of beachside living will become more precarious as wave movements change, experts say.

  7. "We're looking at people being marooned"

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    Video caption: Home owners demand Council action over Weymouth landslip.