Storm Ciara

Eden flood victims to share in government help

People in the Eden area are able to get financial help if they suffered flood damage during Storm Ciara.

The government is funding a full council tax discount for at least three months, grants for households of £500 and grants of £2,500 for uninsured small businesses, and they will be administered through the district council..

Other parts of the county are likely to miss out on the funding because not enough homes were flooded.

Appleby during Storm Ciara
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Flood victims can apply for financial support

People in Cumbria affected by flooding in Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis can apply for financial support.

There are various funds available including a £5,000 resilience fund for homes and businesses, tax relief and business rates relief.

To get the funding people will need to go through their local council in Cumbria.

Flood victims have little confidence in resilience works on Cumbrian homes

Bob Cooper

Political reporter, BBC Cumbria

People in Cumbria say they have very little confidence in steps that have been taken to protect their homes from flooding.

Householders in Carlisle being taken to safety by dinghy
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Thousands of people were given government grants after Storm Desmond in 2015, to install defences, including special doors.

But some say they've encountered problems, because the defences weren't installed properly.

Pete Savin, from Kendal, says the handle of his flood door snapped off in his hand and had to be replaced.

You just have to put your faith in the people who did the job and just hope that it works. It always leaves you a little bit uneasy, but there's not a lot you can do about it until the worst happens really."

The company responsible for the work, Adler and Allan, says the problems were down to a subcontractor, which has since gone out of business.

An industry code of practice has recently been brought in to improve standards, but the government won't say whether the grants will come back after flooding caused by Storm Ciara.

Anglers ponder rescuing fish trapped on cricket pitch

Adam Powell

Journalist, BBC Radio Cumbria

Local anglers are planning to try to rescue hundreds of fish thought to be trapped on the pitch at Carlisle Cricket Club since it was flooded by Storm Ciara.

Iain Laurie is a haff netter who normally goes after salmon on the Solway, but today he was planning to round up any fish currently on the square next to the River Eden, later this week.

Carlisle cricket pitch

There's definitely fish on the cricket pitch, they've been spotted by myself, by the Environment Agency, and going by the last time when it flooded five years ago there's a good chance there's a few hundred fish in here."

Iain Laurie