Gull hit with BB gun pellet put down

BBC Radio Jersey

A seagull that was hit by a BB gun pellet fired from a Jersey waterfront flat has had to be put down.

Police say a child had been playing with targets on a balcony when it shot the gull by accident.

Jersey's Animals' Shelter took the bird in but said it had to put it down because it had "catastrophic injuries".

I wear your ring! Nature reserve's gull chicks tagged

Hannah Stacey

BBC Radio Cornwall

Ringed great black-backed gull chick

A colony of the world's biggest gulls on an island off Cornwall is being monitored through a tagging scheme to measure breeding patterns and numbers.

The great black-backed gull nests in a nature reserve on the far side of Looe Island and it can only be reached with special permission from Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

Volunteers are involved in careful planning for the operation which takes courage as the nest site is reached via a narrow footway over a gully.

Those taking part are also told to wear wide-brimmed hats, not just to protect them from the sun, but also to protect surveyors from being dive-bombed by the chick's parents.

Volunteer Bruce Taggart said juvenile birds were tagged with numbered rings on their legs after they were found "tucked under vegetation", undergrowth or rocks.

Those involved said such surveys could help to establish the population of a species, monitor breeding patterns and identify threats to survival.

Ringing of great black-backed gull chick

There are lots of different types of gulls, and they all have different requirements. The more we can understand those, the more we can help protect out wildlife."

Claire LewisAssistant Warden, Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Gull cull call

BBC Hereford and Worcester

A cull's being demanded by a councillor in Worcester's ongoing efforts to try and cut the number of gulls in the city.

A gull on a building

For several years the city council has been trying to reduce the population of gulls as they're seen as a nuisance and have even been known to attack people.

Today, the owners of a pet Chihuahua said a gull had seized and flown off with the dog in Devon.

Spikes, gull-proof litter bins and replacing eggs with fake ones have all been considered or used by Worcester City Council, which claims there are now fewer gulls compared with a decade ago.

But residents and businesses in Lower Wick have told BBC Hereford and Worcester they believe there are more than ever and are calling for stronger action.

They're vicious, flying rats and they need to be culled. All the existing policies we've tried, the 'be ever so nice to gulls' policy, trying to get them to go away, they've all failed."

Alan AmosWorcester City Councillor