1. London liquid air battery start-up gets $46m Japanese boost


    a London-based battery start-up that uses liquid air to store energy, has attracted a $46m (£35.42m) investment from Japan manufacturer Sumitomo Heavy Industries.

    Highview Power says its technology can generate between 20 megawatts to 200 megawatts of power.

    The Japanese machinery manufacturer said it will expand Highview Power’s technology for the long-term storage of renewable sources of energy globally.

    “Highview Power’s long-duration energy storage technology not only solves the problems that enable dispatchable renewables but will be a catalyst in bringing the energy transition forward,” Tomas Harju-Jeanty, chief of Sumitomo’s subsidiary Sumitomo SHI FW, said.

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    Video caption: Could digging up the ocean floor help save the planet?

    The seabed is rich in metals needed to help us switch from fossil fuels to electric power. But what damage could mining the sea bed cause?

  3. British battery firm snapped up by French energy giant

    Electric car

    French energy giant EDF has snapped up Pivot Power, a British energy start-up which plans 50 major battery storage sites across the country.

    The company plans to build two gigawatts of battery storage as well as an electric car charging network, which it said may supply bus depots and other company fleets.

    "Battery storage and electric vehicles are two key technologies which will help lower carbon emissions, alongside generation from renewables and nuclear," said EDF chief executive Simone Ross.