Big Brother

  1. 13. Rylan Clark-Neal

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    Video caption: Louis speaks to TV and radio presenter Rylan Clark-Neal.

    Rylan Clark-Neal talks to Louis Theroux about modelling his own home on the Big Brother house, crying onstage and how one of Louis’s documentaries ignited his teenage sexuality.

  2. Week 1

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    Video caption: Jamie Bartlett looks at the impact of 20 years of reality TV on culture and society.

    Twenty years ago a TV show launched which changed history, revolutionising TV and transforming our ideas about truth, surveillance, technology and politics. The show was Big Brother.

  3. Week 2

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    Video caption: How did reality TV turn surveillance into entertainment?

    Big Brother reframed surveillance as entertainment, and we were too busy being amused to notice reality TV was a Trojan horse for a new kind of deal between us and the screen.

  4. Week 3

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    Video caption: A new type of reality show blurs the lines between truth and fiction.

    A decade after Big Brother hit UK screens a new type of reality programme launched that subtly changed our ideas about truth.

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    Video caption: Why Nineteen Eighty-Four still matters

    It's 70 years since George Orwell published the dystopian classic which introduced us to Big Brother.

  6. It's Only a Game

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    Video caption: Paul Jackson explores how Big Brother became the TV phenomenon of a new millennium.

    Paul Jackson explores how locking strangers in the Big Brother house became the TV phenomenon of a new millennium. From May 2003.