Screen time

  1. Roman: What's wrong with screen time?

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    Video caption: Roman is 11 and loves Minecraft - should his parents be so strict about screen time?

    Roman is 11 and lives in Dorset with his mum Louisa, dad Ben and younger brother Raf. He loves Minecraft - and wants to know if his parents' new limits on his screen time are fair.

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    Video caption: Screen-time messages designed to decrease phone use

    A new project encourages adults to communicate more with their kids and focus less on their devices.

  3. ‘Parents - make screen time a collaborative experience’

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    Video caption: Professor Etchells: The best thing parents can do - take an active interest in screen time

    Professor Peter Etchells gave his advice for parents when it comes to monitoring and managing screen time over the summer holidays.

  4. 'Lockdown screen time has got a bit out of control'

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    Video caption: Mum tells 5 Live about her concerns over kids' use of screens for games and school work.
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    Video caption: Silicon Valley parents banning tech for their kids

    "You don't teach creativity by going into the creativity app," says one father limiting screen time.

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    Video caption: How much screen time should children be allowed?

    New World Health Organization guidelines say under twos should not be left to watch screens passively.