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Car insurance costs tumble

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Cheering news for drivers from MoneySupermarket: its research suggests car insurance has got cheaper in the past year.

It said the average cost of a fully comprehensive policy fell £70 (13%) in the past year, from £553 to £483.

However, over the longer-term, the past five years, average premiums have risen significantly (17%), from £411 to £483.

East London remains the most expensive place to insure your car, with the cost of a fully comprehensive policy now standing at £930, while the Isle of Man is the cheapest at £285.

Energy and insurance switching boosts comparison site

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Comparison site Moneysupermarket said revenues climbed 4% to £88.3m in the first quarter.

More than half of that came from insurance, but home services showed the biggest growth, up 15%, as more people switched energy supplier.

Money switching fell 1% as the company had fewer “promotional products” in the quarter to the end of March.

"Trading is on track in this year of transformation as we reinvent the business to help people save more money,” said Mark Lewis, chief executive of Moneysupermarket.