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    Video caption: Badger gives rescuers runaround

    The RSPCA helped to rescue the badger after it fell into a slurry pit at a water treatment works in Derbyshire.

  2. Badger found 'practically dead' rescued by volunteers

    Jennifer Harby

    BBC News

    A young badger which was found "practically dead from cold, dehydration and starvation" has been rescued by a Derbyshire badger group.

    The animal, which has been named Tinkerbell by the Derbyshire High Peak Badger Group, was found by walkers on Wednesday.


    The group believes she became separated from her mother and said: "She is still in a critical condition but improving every day and we're tentatively optimistic that she is going to make a full recovery."

  3. Badger sett becomes online attraction

    Duncan Leatherdale

    BBC News Online

    A badger sett in Northumberland has become an online attraction after a 24-hour webcam was set up to monitor the comings and goings.

    Broadband provider Alncolm set up the system over a large sett near Alnwick.

    Badgers outside the sett

    Managing director Stephen Pinchen said: “One of our clients discovered the sett and wanted to capture the badgers in their natural environment from the comfort of their home but without disturbing the badgers and their cubs.”

    At least 15 badgers are thought to live in the sett, whic consists of a network of tunnels, though there may be more not yet caught by the camera. They are most active at dusk, and the videostream can be found here.