Fly tipping

  1. Crack down on fly-tippers after increase in dumped rubbish

    People in Cumbria are being warned to ensure their rubbish is disposed of legally, as local councils report an increase in fly-tipping.

    Carlisle City Council has a fleet of six new vehicles, some fitted with CCTV cameras, and will be doing patrols of the area to try and catch people responsible.

    Brian Smith, civil enforcement officer for the council, said it's not just furniture and building materials that are being dumped: "We're getting people dumping containers of oil and horrible things like that in the countryside and they're ending up in streams which has a massive impact on the local wildlife."

    Fly-tipped furniture
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    Video caption: Fly-tipping: Panorama finds licensing system is failing to stop dumping

    A BBC Panorama investigation finds licensed rubbish collectors are involved in illegal dumping.