1. Where can you go on holiday without quarantining?

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    Beach in Halkidiki

    In early summer, travellers from the UK could visit popular holiday destinations such as Spain, Italy and France without having to quarantine.

    But rising coronavirus rates mean there are now only a handful of places travellers from England can visit without facing quarantine or other restrictions - either when they arrive at their destination, or return.

    These destinations include Greece (apart from Mykonos), Gibraltar and Sweden.

    Testing passengers for coronavirus could be one way to make travel to more destinations possible, by providing proof of a negative result.

    Heathrow, for example, has started offering an £80 coronavirus test for travellers to Hong Kong, which requires a recent negative test for entry from the UK.

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  2. When we could all go on a summer holiday

    Mention a trip round Europe on double-decker bus and the response you get will depend on the age of the person you're talking to.

    If they're older rather than younger they'll probably start humming the theme tune to the 1963 Cliff Richard classic Summer Holiday.

    There's a middle band who watched repeats with their parents back in the day when children didn't have whole dedicated channels and any telly was good telly.

    But imagine if it was real, this madcap trip with the singing, the dancing and the occasional perilous Yugoslavian mountain track?

    Meet the friends who did it.

    The original group of friends
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