UK defence spending

Justice and Home Office see more funds

The FT's economics editor Chris Giles tweets...

UK armed forces chief believed US was "committed" in Afghanistan
The head of the UK armed forces spoke to the BBC before reports of US troop reductions.


Martha Kearney and Andrew Dilnot explore government spending.
Martha Kearney and Andrew Dilnot assess how the UK government spends your money.

From costed manifestos to austerity and the “magic money tree”, the particulars of government spending have never been more important to the electorate. And with government revenue, spending and debt all at record highs, the question of where that money goes has never been bigger. 

Political debates often focus on the small slices of state largesse that are up for grabs in that year’s budget - Martha and Andrew take the chance to look at the rest of it, the numbers behind the headlines that really reflect what’s being done with your cash.

Episode 5 - Defence
From submarines to cyber warfare, Martha and Andrew look at what it takes to fund our armed forces.

Producers: Robert Nicholson and Simon Jarvis
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