Chinese New Year

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    Video caption: Covid-19: Millions of people that usually travel home for CNY will be staying put

    Authorities predict a 20% drop in the number of people moving compared to last year.

  2. London Chinese New Year celebrations held online

    Chinese New Year celebrations to welcome in the Year of the Golden Ox will be broadcast online, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Chinese New Year celebrations

    The event, which is held annually in Chinatown and attracts thousands of people, is the biggest Chinese New Year celebration outside of Asia.

    Chinese artists will perform online on 14 February, London Chinatown Chinese Association (LCCA) said.

    A spokesman for the event said the decision came with a "heavy heart".

    In previous years, dancers and dragons join a parade around Chinatown, while martial arts displays and music shows are held across the West End.

    The LCCA said 2021 celebrations "cannot take place", and "everyone's health, safety and wellbeing must come first".

    The online show will be hosted in both English and Mandarin, with performances filmed in Trafalgar Square.

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    Video caption: Lisburn lights up for Chinese New Year celebrations

    It is China's most important festival of the year and this year Lisburn has been joining in the celebrations for the Year of the Rat.

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    Video caption: What is Chinese New Year?

    Here's what you need to know about one of the world's biggest celebrations

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    Video caption: Chinese New Year: Colourful lights celebrate Year of the Rat

    Across China colourful lights and lanterns mark Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year.