Where whales are cut up for meat
After 33 years, Japanese fishermen are once again carrying out commercial whaling.

Botswana lifts ban on elephant hunting

High elephant numbers have led to conflict with people
Botswana has lifted a ban on elephant hunting, which has been in place for five years. 

The southern African country, which has a large population of elephants, says their numbers are now so high that they are coming into conflict with farmers. 

However, elsewhere in Africa, elephant populations are declining rapidly due to poaching and conservationists are concerned about the impact of Botswana's decision. 

Thabiso Monageng, a youth advocate, explains why he is in favour of lifting the ban and then Dr. Louise de Waal - a responsible tourism consultant in Cape Town - gives her thoughts.

(Photo: Elephants at the Mashatu game reserve, Botswana. Credit: Getty Images)