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BreakingVirgin Mobile hit by network outage

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Virgin Mobile is currently investigating a major network outage that has left thousands of customers unable to make calls, send SMS text messages or use mobile internet for at least four hours.

The mobile operator has apologised to customers for the inconvenience caused.

Virgin Mobile, owned by Virgin Media, is a mobile operator that is piggybacking on network infrastructure provided by BT-owned EE.

Vodafone 'gigafast' ad banned

Vodafone's banned Gigafast broadband as

Vodafone has been forbidden from re-running an advert for its home broadband service after it was challenged by rival Virgin Media.

The complaint centred on Vodafone's branding of a premium offering targeted at gamers and other heavy internet users as being Gigafast Broadband.

Virgin Media said that term implied that its competitor was providing speeds of one gigabit per second.

However, Vodafone's own ad recognised this was not typically the case.