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    Video caption: "Corruption is the driving force behind these atrocities"

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    Video caption: Will George Clooney's Brunei boycott really work?

    Celebrities are boycotting Brunei's businesses over new anti-LGBT laws - but will it really pay off?

  4. Clooney's hotel boycott over Brunei LGBT death penalty

    George Clooney

    George Clooney has called for a boycott of luxury London hotels after the country that owns them announced new anti-LGBT laws.

    From 3 April in Brunei, a small oil-rich nation in south-east Asia, anyone found guilty of homosexuality or cheating on their spouse could be whipped or stoned to death.

    The laws, as part of the country's interpretation of Sharia Law, also introduce amputation of the hands or feet as punishment for robbery, according to an announcement by the country's attorney general.

    Brunei, which gained independence from the UK in 1984, owns nine exclusive hotels through the Brunei Investment Agency, including The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane in London and Coworth Park in Berkshire.

    The Dorchester

    Writing in Deadline, Hollywood star Clooney said: "Every single time we stay at or take meetings at or dine at any of these nine hotels we are putting money directly into the pockets of men who choose to stone and whip to death their own citizens for being gay or accused of adultery.

    "Brunei is a monarchy and certainly any boycott would have little effect on changing these laws. But are we really going to help pay for these human rights violations? Are we really going to help fund the murder of innocent citizens?"

    The Dorchester Collection has been contacted for comment.

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    Video caption: George and Amal Clooney shiver in Scottish spring

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