1. BreakingTrump projected to win Kansas and Wyoming


    Two more states now projected for Donald Trump.

    Kansas is predicted to vote for Donald Trump. In the last 80 years it has only voted once for the Democrats, in 1964.

    And Wyoming too is projected for the president. The Cowboy State is traditionally a Republican stronghold. In the last 70 years, only one Democrat – Lyndon B Johnson – has won a presidential election here.

  2. Searching for a secret dinosaur hoard

    Looking for clues in the world's biggest site of prehistoric remains

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    Illustration of a large dinosaur
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    Video caption: Dinosaurs: Digging up the "Jurassic Mile"

    An international team of scientists is excavating a treasure trove of new dinosaur fossils in North Wyoming, US.

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    Video caption: Natural History Museum joins Wyoming dinosaur hunt

    The South Kensington institution is about to undertake its biggest dinosaur hunt in three decades.

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    Video caption: Tornado sweeps across Laramie in Wyoming

    There was just a two-minute warning before the twister hit the region.

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    Video caption: Bare-knuckle boxing makes US comeback after 130 years

    Reggie Barnett Jr punched brick walls to train for the first sanctioned fist fight in 130 years.

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    Video caption: A coal worker's unlikely career change

    Hundreds of mining jobs have been lost in Wyoming, but some workers are getting a new opportunity.

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    Video caption: Fire and brimstone: Mesmerising video of burning sulphur

    The strange blaze was filmed in the US state of Wyoming.