Mayor of Greater Manchester

Andy Burnham re-elected as mayor

Labour's Andy Burnham has been re-elected as the mayor of Greater Manchester in a landslide victory. He was backed by 67.3% of voters to continue as the region's mayor for a second term. Read more.

Mayoral results scoreboard

Winner, Andy Burnham, Labour

First round results

Counting complete

  1. Labour, Andy Burnham

    • 1st preference total votes 473,024
    • 1st preference share 67.3%
  2. Conservative, Laura Evans

    • 1st preference total votes 137,753
    • 1st preference share 19.6%
  3. Green, Melanie Horrocks

    • 1st preference total votes 30,699
    • 1st preference share 4.4%
  4. Liberal Democrat, Simon Lepori

    • 1st preference total votes 22,373
    • 1st preference share 3.2%
  5. Reform UK, Nick Buckley

    • 1st preference total votes 18,910
    • 1st preference share 2.7%
  6. English Democrats Party, Stephen Morris

    • 1st preference total votes 9,488
    • 1st preference share 1.4%
  7. Independent, Marcus Farmer

    • 1st preference total votes 6,448
    • 1st preference share 0.9%
  8. Independent, David Sutcliffe

    • 1st preference total votes 2,182
    • 1st preference share 0.3%
  9. Independent, Alec Marvel

    • 1st preference total votes 1,907
    • 1st preference share 0.3%

Second preference votes are only used to elect the mayor if no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote. The top two candidates then receive the second preference votes from their eliminated opponents.


Registered voters2,057,679


Change since 2017+5.60

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