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    Video caption: Nevada US Election result: 'It's taking time because we have safeguards to prevent fraud'

    The attorney general of Nevada, Aaron Ford, explains the ballot counting process in one key state.

  2. Polling closes in four states

    Polls are closing in a few minutes in Iowa (6 electoral votes), Montana (3); Nevada (6) and Utah (6).

    Not a lot of electoral college votes are on the table in these states, but either candidate will need all they can get to reach the necessary 270.

    You can always check the state of the race by looking at the latest tally at the top of this page.

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    Video caption: 'Enough is enough': Why businesses are defying lockdowns

    Despite rising Covid-19 cases and stringent orders in some states, not everyone is complying.

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    Video caption: US election 2020: What do young voters want in Nevada?

    Voters born after 1980 had the lowest turnout rate in 2016. What will get them to the polls?

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    Video caption: Klobuchar and Buttigieg clash during the Nevada debate

    Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg addressed Senator Amy Klobuchar's stumble over Mexico president's name.