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Boundary changes have occurred here. 2013 seats are an estimate of what the result would have been then if the new boundaries had been in place.

Election 2017 Results

Party Seats 2013 Seats 2017 Change


Seats 201335 Seats 201758 Change+23


Seats 201310 Seats 20176 Change−4


Seats 20139 Seats 20175 Change−4

PartyLiberal Democrat

Seats 20133 Seats 20171 Change−2


Seats 201313 Seats 2017- Change−13
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Latest Updates

Have your say on county's 30-year flooding strategy

People in Lincolnshire can have their say from today on how the county can best manage coastal flooding over the next 30 years.


Lincolnshire County Council says climate change and rising sea levels are very significant for the region and the plans will look at ways communities can become more resilient.

The consultation involves drop-in sessions over the next two months and people will also be able to have their say online once the page goes live on the council's website later.

Council stops short of declaring 'climate emergency'

A call to declare a climate emergency has been rejected by Lincolnshire county councillors.

Lincolnshire County Council logo
Lincolnshire County Council

A motion tabled by the Labour opposition group, called on the council to commit to being carbon neutral by 2030.

The council said it recognised there is a climate problem, but stopped short of declaring an emergency.

The authority has instead passed a new target date of 2050.

Councillor Rob Parker, leader of the Labour group, said he was disappointed with the result, but the amended target was better than nothing.

“Before we started, we didn’t have the same interest as has been demonstrated in the council chamber. We know that this is a matter of great public interest, only yesterday the University of Lincoln declared a climate emergency because it was in the interests of their staff and students.”

Rob ParkerLincolnshire County Council

'Good progress' on bypass avoids need for road closures

Four planned weekend road closures near Lincoln will no longer take place, it's been confirmed.

Map of area
Lincolnshire County Council

The A15 Sleaford Road was due to be closed on the following weekends to allow ducting works and utility diversions for the Lincoln Eastern Bypass to be completed:

  • 18-20 May
  • 1-3 June
  • 8-10 June
  • 15-17 June

However, Richard Davies, in charge of highways at Lincolnshire County Council, says "good progress" has been made over the past few weeks and the closures will now be unnecessary.

Rauceby haul: Romans buried coins 'on purpose'

A hoard of 3,000 Roman coins which was found in Lincolnshire and which has today been declared as treasure may have been deliberately buried, it's believed.

Lincolnshire County Council

Two detectorists discovered the coins near the village of Rauceby in July 2017 in a find the British Museum said was of "significant international importance".

Dr Adam Daubney, the Finds Officer at Lincolnshire County Council who carried out an investigation on the site after the hoard was reported, says the coins were buried on purpose as part of a ceremony rather than just being stashed away:

It looks like a hoard that went into the ground on purpose as perhaps some kind of ceremonial ritual. The pot was discovered in a pit full of rough, quarried limestone and there's no way you could bury a pot that size in secret."

Dr Adam DaubneyFinds Officer, Lincolnshire County Council

Small school with a big request

Some of the most well known celebrities are being called on to help support one of Lincolnshire's smallest schools.

Nocton Community Primary School
Nocton Community Primary School

Nocton Community Primary School, near Lincoln, has just forty five pupils and needs at least another twenty students to attract more government funding.

They've contacted stars such as Ed Sheeran and The Rolling Stones, as well as a host of Premier League football clubs, inviting them to support their annual school fete in July.

Staff say many people don't realise there's a school in the village and want to share the secret of what they describe as a "perfect, well run and happy school."

Weekend bypass works to start at Bracebridge Heath

This weekend will see the first of five weekend road closures on the A15 Sleaford Road.

The closures are part of the Lincoln Eastern Bypass works, and essential ducting works and utility diversions will take place.

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The diversion route will be via A607 Lincoln Road to B1178 White Lane/Tower Lane, and vice versa.

Councillor Richard Davies said closing Sleaford Road in the week would cause too much disruption.

The full list of closure dates, all of which will take place from 06:00 on Saturday to 06:00 on Monday, is: 27-29 April, 18-20 May, 1-3 June, 8-10 June and 15-17 June.

The team will do its very best to finish these works early so we don’t need to close Sleaford Road for all five weekends. However, we’re asking all road users to keep patient and remember that this closure, along with all of the other bypass roadworks, will be well worth it once the new road is officially opened next spring.”

Richard DaviesCouncillor, Lincolnshire County Council

Last chance to have your say on heritage sites

This morning is the last chance for people in Lincolnshire to have their say on the future of heritage sites in the county.

Burgh le Marsh windmill

Lincolnshire County Council is carrying out a review to try to save money.

Proposals include turning the Usher Gallery into a wedding venue, and putting some of its assets into private hands.

The windmill at Burgh le Marsh is currently supported financially by the council.

Malcolm Ringsell, from the Burgh le Marsh Heritage Society, fears the upkeep would be too much for volunteers if council assistance was withdrawn.

We can run the mill and we can not cost the county any money as far as keeping the mill open for visitors. It's repairs to the mill that are our sticking point. Because it's a specialist job, and it's a huge 80ft building and more than 150 years old, it's difficult."

Malcolm RingsellBurgh le Marsh Heritage Society

Thousands of children get first choice schools

More than 7,000 children will be going to their parents' first choice of primary school.

School places
Barry Batchelor/PA Wire

The number is slightly down on last year, but Lincolnshire County Council says it's had to deal with a high number of youngsters wanting to start school in September.

Anyone unhappy with the decision has until the 21 May to appeal, the council said.

Government 'obsessed with Brexit' says council leader

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Calvin Robinson

The government's "obsession with Brexit" is delaying vital plans which could benefit local authorities, according to the leader of Lincolnshire County Council.

brexit flags in sandcastle
Getty Images

Councillor Martin Hill said discussions over devolution and proposals for adult social care funding have not progressed because MPs are "stuck" wrangling over how to leave the European Union.

The government has delayed a green paper, which is expected to outline future plans for adult care, four times.

Any extension to the Brexit process would only prolong uncertainty for councils, Mr Hill added.

They're all obsessed with Brexit at the moment. There are all sorts of things we want to do... There are things that are just stuck in the log jam of Brexit and I just wish the House of Commons would get to a resolution where they can agree to do something so councils and business know what they're dealing with.

Martin HillLincolnshire County Council Leader

More protests over 'ridiculous' relief road route

Campaigners angry at plans which could see their homes demolished to make way for a Spalding relief road are planning to continue their protests.

campaigners in spalding

The group gathered outside the South Holland District Council offices yesterday evening.

They're against one of the county council's options for a relief road, which would mean the authority buying some houses on Bourne and Horseshoe Road and demolishing them.

The authority say it is meeting with a number of residents to discuss their views and concerns, but haven't decided on a final route yet.

One resident, in his 80s, described the situation as "ridiculous" and pointed out that many homes on the route are owned by retirees.

It's just horrendous, it should have not happened. It's unconscionable."

Stacey Barneveld-TaylorResident