Early education

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    Video caption: Duchess of Cambridge report on early years children

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's charity releases a report on the development of children under five during a pandemic.

  2. Project aims to help parents in first years of baby's life

    A new project in Millom aims to tackle a growing range of mental and emotional health problems among children, by offering more support to their parents during the first 1,001 days of life, and if successful it will be spread across the county.


    The Good Enough Start scheme is being tried out in Millom, funded by local charities and other sources and run by a partnership of schools, health and community services.

    The idea is that parents will be helped to form strong bonds with their babies, from before they are even born, until their second birthday.

    The woman who came up with the idea is Janice Brockbank, a retired headteacher, who says the first two years are where a child can learn to feel secure and cope with their negative emotions.

    Quote Message: A child who is emotionally secure is better able to learn, they're just ready to learn, they can make friends more easily, they can regulate their own emotions." from Janice Brockbank
    Janice Brockbank
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    Video caption: Coronavirus: Childminders adapt to support key workers

    Temperature checks and coronavirus risk assessments are now part of childminder Amanda's daily life.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus lockdown: How does it affect babies?

    Educational psychologist and parent Dr Abigail Wright offers advice for families looking after babies in lockdown.

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    Video caption: The UK nurseries supporting key workers

    Only half of UK nurseries are still open as attendance is limited to key workers' children.