Storm Eleanor

Jane James will be using driftwood thrown up by Storm Eleanor for the next six months.
Jane James will be using driftwood thrown up by Storm Eleanor for the next six months.

'Unrecognisable' storm-hit gallery to reopen

BBC Radio Cornwall

A St Ives art gallery which was engulfed by seawater during Storm Eleanor in early January is preparing to reopen its doors.

Porthminster Gallery

"Our beautiful pristine gallery was unrecognisable," said owner Dee Bray.

"The front door had been ripped off and the letterbox was floating in 10in (25cm) of water.

"Plinths of wood were floating about, the sheer force of the water was incredible."

The gallery hopes to reopen on 7 February.

Beachfront gallery battered by storms hopes to reopen

BBC Radio Cornwall

A St Ives beachfront gallery battered by storms earlier this month is hoping to reopen after repairs.

Waves whipped up by Storm Eleanor crashed through the doors of the Porthminster Gallery causing serious damage inside and out.

The flood water also knocked out the electricity and telephone systems.

Staff told the BBC they were shocked to see the scale of the damage but hope to reopen in early February.

Duchy of Cornwall 'responsible for storm-hit wall'

BBC Radio Cornwall

The Duchy of Cornwall could become liable for a storm-damaged wall in Portreath - after Cornwall Council discovered the firm that used to own it went bust.

The 40ft (12m) section broke down after being hit by large waves during Storm Eleanor earlier this month and temporary repairs took place.

It once formed part of a coal yard and is not part of the main harbour wall.

Repairs to Portreath harbour wall

The company in Wales went into liquidation in 2015 and the liquidators weren't aware that they owned the wall at that time, so it now reverts back to the Duchy of Cornwall as all properties do that don't have any owners.

Joyce DuffinCornwall Councillor for Portreath

Crantock 'sand cliff' warning after Storm Eleanor

BBC Radio Cornwall

There is a fresh warning from coastguards about the dangers of the newly created so-called "sand cliffs" at Crantock after Storm Eleanor.

They could collapse suddenly.

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