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The defiant people of the 60th parallel

‘I don't live in an igloo, I don't have a dogsled and I like making movies’

Helen Czerski's Arctic Expedition

After six weeks at the North Pole, Helen Czerski has new insights into climate change.
The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. That's certain to impact on the weather we experience in Britain. Physicist Helen Czerski and an icebreaker full of scientists have just spent six weeks at the North Pole conducting experiments to find out much more about the impacts of this extraordinary change to our planet.

Join Helen on the Arctic ice floes for the very latest research on the rapid changes to the far north.

Producer: Alasdair Cross

Photo by Mario Hoppmann

4: The Arctic Circle

Verity Sharp connects musical stories along latitudinal lines around the globe.
The final episode of a series in which broadcaster Verity Sharp listens to the music of the world in a different way. We eavesdrop with her along latitudinal lines, hearing local stories that are having a direct impact on music and musicians. Could there be echoes along these sound lines? Might different music that’s created thousands of miles apart, but on the same latitude, share common ground? And could listening in this way allow us to glimpse the effect of the vast and often immeasurable forces that are sweeping change across our planet?
Verity ends with the Arctic Circle. This far north, both the strengths and limits of human influence over the planet are starkly visible - the melting ice here has come to symbolise the pace of climate change while, for much of the year, the harshness of the environment is a continual reminder of our vulnerability.

Around the circle, we hear three stories.
Electronic musician Roman Kravchenko brings us into his life in one of the planet’s coldest, most remote and polluted cities - Norilsk, some 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Siberia, where life expectancy is ten years less than for the rest of Russia.

Christine Tootoo lives in Rankin Inlet, in the Nunavut Territory of northern Canada. Caribou-hunting and throat-singing are an important part of the Inuit culture she seeks to promote in the face of rapid social and environmental change.

And Lasse Marhaug, a Norwegian noise musician, has returned to the far north of the country where he grew up. He’s in search of the reasons he makes his music, recalling the womb-like experience of an Arctic winter storm.

Producer: Chris Elcombe
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 4
Gillian Anderson delivers Arctic sanctuary petition
Actress Gillian Anderson delivered a petition signed by 355,655 people in the UK, calling for the government to support a Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary.
The Norwegian teen fighting the government over Arctic oil
Elina Berg is a member of a campaign group which is suing the Norwegian government over oil exploration in the Arctic.

First container ship takes Arctic sea route

Global warming means container ships can now take a previously frozen route
Global warming means container ships can now take a previously frozen route. Jonathan Marcus explains how and why to Caroline Wyatt. 
(Picture: The Venta Maersk in Vladivostok before setting off on its Arctic voyage.
Credit: Reuters)