Russian submariners buried after fire
Fourteen submariners, killed in a fire aboard their nuclear-powered craft, were buried on Saturday.

Why I dress up as a polar bear for science

Scientist Joel Berger studies muskoxen - by pretending to be a polar-bear
Scientist Joel Berger has dedicated ten years of his life to studying muskoxen. With global warming affecting their habitat, muskoxen have increasingly come into contact with roaming polar bears. Joel wanted to investigate the effect of this on muskoxen behaviour - and with no polar bear to call on - he improvised. He grabbed his polar bear costume and headed north. Joel is the author of the book Extreme Conservation. He started by answering the question - what exactly are muskoxen? (Photo courtesy of Joel Berger.)
The teenager with Down's syndrome who is swimming in the Arctic
Trym is the first person to live on the Svalbard Islands with Down's syndrome and he isn't letting it hold him back.