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Teachers can see when pupils are struggling to read thanks to technology which aims to improve literacy in classrooms.
The tribe who can't read so can't vote
For illiterate communities in remote areas of Indonesia, casting their ballot in this week's election will be a daunting task.

How sanitary pads can improve child literacy

Entrepreneur Sophia Grinvalds, co-founder of AFRIpads, explains her mission.
Entrepreneur Sophia Grinvalds, co-founder of the sanitary towel maker AFRIpads, explains her mission to the BBC's Ed Butler.

(Picture: A girl in a class-room in Kigali, Rwanda; Credit: Joel Robine/AFP/Getty Images)
Sue Jones had to learn to read again using children's books after a brain tumour.
Author Sue Jones had to use children's books as part of her recovery from a brain tumour.
The remote reading mentors making a difference
Volunteers offer 30 minutes of their time every week to help a child with their reading online.