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GCSEs should be scrapped and more vocational options offered, says education committee chairman.

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Pepper the robot tells MPs about artificial intelligence
Pepper the robot answers questions from MPs on the education select committee about helping to care for older people.

'Anti-Semitism row is used to attack Corbyn'

Shadow minister says people are using anti-Semitism criticisms to attack Jeremy Corbyn
The shadow Northern Ireland minister has told The Westminster Hour that some people are using criticisms of the party's record on anti-Semitism to "attack Jeremy Corbyn". Stephen Pound said: "The Labour Party without a doubt has a problem, but on the other hand there are some people who are riding that horse to attack Jeremy Corbyn anyway." Asked if the party should be expelling more people over anti-Semitism allegations, he added: "If we have a problem with convincing the Jewish community then that is our problem and we will not have people screaming from the outside saying 'sling this person out, chuck that person out'. We will take care of this, we will clean up this mess, because we are the Labour Party."
Nick Robinson chats with Rob Halfon MP, the chair of the education select committee.
Nick Robinson chats with Tory Rob Halfon, who says his party needs to do more to attract young people

The Rob Halfon One

Nick Robinson chats with Rob Halfon MP, the chair of the education select committee.
In this series based on his popular podcast, Nick Robinson sits down for a chat with some of today's agenda setting politicians to get to know the person behind the public figure and find out what really makes them tick.

In this programme Nick meets Education Select Committee chair Rob Halfon MP. The President of the Conservative Workers and Trade Unionists explains why his party urgently needs to take radical action to reconnect with the people and what he really thought about Nick the first time they met.

To hear the full episode search BBC iPlayer or your podcast provider for 'Political Thinking with Nick Robinson'.

Producer: Faizal Farook.