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Uber to launch shift work app in the US

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Ride-hailing taxi app firm Uber is branching out. It has announced that it is launching a new app, Uber Works, in Chicago. The app is designed to match shift workers with shifts in various industries.

According to Natasha Lomas of TechCrunch, Uber's approach could be harsh for workers.

"The platform’s ability to track their work will also clearly be working for agencies, though - with Uber suggesting its 'technology-first approach' will lead to a 'more efficient marketplace… [b]y providing a reliable pool of vetted and qualified workers'," she writes.

"So that’s code for workers who slack off will be seen by the technology to be slacking - and likely won’t get matched to great shifts if they do."

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If you’re unfamiliar with Uber Eats, Deliveroo or GrubHub, that may soon change.

These technology companies are fast becoming the main source of hot food deliveries to people’s homes and offices – all for a fee or a cut of the price of a meal. 

It is all part of a shift in the way many young urbanites choose to eat in the US and UK, and it’s spreading around the world, as the BBC's Rob Young found out.

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