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Boundary changes have occurred here. 2013 seats are an estimate of what the result would have been then if the new boundaries had been in place.

Election 2017 Results

Party Seats 2013 Seats 2017 Change


Seats 201332 Seats 201736 Change+4

PartyLiberal Democrat

Seats 201312 Seats 201713 Change+1


Seats 201310 Seats 20176 Change−4


Seats 20131 Seats 2017- Change−1
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Council ordered to pay nearly £5k after girl misses school

Amy Orton

Local Democracy Reporter

Leicestershire County Council has been ordered to pay almost £5,000 because a girl missed more than a year of education due to its failings.

The primary school pupil didn't attend classes between March and June in 2017 and from September 2018 to May 2019, during which time her mother said the authority failed to provide alternative provision.

The mother lodged a complaint with the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, saying the council failed to offer or identify "appropriate education" for her daughter, who has autism and additional needs.

Its investigator found the council was at fault for failing to offer or identify appropriate education for the girl.

A council spokesman said it takes complaints to the ombudsman "very seriously", adding it has acted on the recommendations "to ensure similar incidents do not arise".

Leicestershire County Council

More than 250 callouts over Leicestershire floods

Liam Barnes

BBC News

Leicestershire floods

Emergency services in Leicestershire have received more than 250 calls over flooding in the last 24 hours.

Leicestershire County Council said three primary schools in Congerston, Cossington and Swithland had to be closed early, with a number of areas throughout the county heavily affected.

A flood warning remains in place until 20:00 tonight, and the authority urged residents, motorists and pedestrians to take care.

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Disabled family decisions 'delayed to save cash'

Amy Orton

Local Democracy Reporter

A mother has accused Leicestershire County Council of stalling a decision over whether to fund changes to her family’s home because of her son's disabilities in an attempt to save cash.

The family-of-four - a mother, father, daughter and son who have been described by professionals as having "complex needs" as a result of their disabilities - have been waiting for more than two years for the council to assess them all individually to see if they are eligible for a grant to adapt their home to make day-to-day life easier.

The mother, named in an anonymised Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGO) report as Mrs X, complained the authority were taking too long to assess the family and had treated her son, referred to as Z in the report, differently due to his "hidden disabilities".

The LGO has ordered the council to apologise and make a payment of £500 to the family.

A council spokesman said it takes complaints "very seriously" and always investigates concerns, adding it has apologised to the family and "ensured that these issues have been addressed within the service so similar incidents do not arise".

Leicestershire County Council

Dad claims he was 'racially profiled' and made homeless

Amy Orton

Local Democracy Reporter

A dad has claimed he was "racially profiled", lost contact with his children and was made homeless as a result of a social services investigation.

The man also said he was made to visit places that were mental health "triggers", branded "intimidating" and accused of being a drug dealer by social workers investigating whether his children were safe at home.

The catalogue of errors made by Leicestershire County Council were revealed in an anonymised report after the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman investigated the man's complaints.

As a result, the ombudsman ordered the authority to pay the man £900, and recommended the authority amend its complaints procedure and review supervision arrangements.

A spokesman for the county council said it accepts the findings and has apologised to the man.

Leicestershire County Council

Green campaigner: Maybe I should have had fewer children

Amy Orton

Local Democracy Reporter

An environmental campaigner with three children said she "might have been more careful" about how many babies she had if she had known how it might impact on climate change.

Cee Martin, 70, was one of several members of Extinction Rebellion Leicestershire who met for a picnic outside County Hall in Glenfield on Wednesday to "celebrate" Leicestershire County Council declaring a climate emergency.

County councillors unanimously backed a motion which also saw the authority make a pledge to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Cee Martin

Ms Martin said: "As much as I love all of my children, and of course wouldn't change the fact I had them, I might have thought differently about it if I had known the impact and what was to come. I might have been more careful and just had two.

"The size of the population is a problem, people are having bigger families, people are living longer. People need to stop and consider the future of the planet before they make decisions."