North Wales

  1. Conservatives beat Plaid to regional seat by slender margin

    Paul Martin

    BBC Wales political reporter

    The Conservatives have beaten Plaid Cymru to a second North Wales regional seat by a very slender margin.

    The system allocates seats by dividing a party’s regional list votes by the number of seats they have already won, plus one.

    That meant Plaid picked up the first North Wales seat for Llyr Gruffydd, then Conservative Mark Isherwood took the second, and Labour’s Carolyn Thomas took the third.

    Then, in the fourth division of votes, the Conservatives were just 21 votes ahead of Plaid, meaning Conwy council leader Sam Rowlands becomes an MS for the Tories.

    In 2016, UKIP won two regional seats in the north, and the Tories and Plaid got one each.

    The Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party had high hopes of picking up a seat here but fell well short, polling just 7,960 votes.

    That’s more than 5,000 short of the number they would have needed to take the 4th seat.

  2. BreakingNorth Wales regional results declared

    And we've got our second set of regional results in, this time for North Wales.

    The Conservatives have won two seats: Mark Isherwood and Sam Rowlands.

    Labour has won one seat: Carolyn Ann Thomas.

    Plaid Cymru has won one seat: Llyr Huws Gruffydd.

  3. North Wales regional results expected tonight

    Only two constituency results left to come tonight.

    Then come the regional declarations.

    We already know we won't hear from three of them this evening.

    But we are now expecting to get the results for the North Wales list at about 21:45.

    Time for another coffee?

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