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Carrie Fisher to appear in next Star Wars film

Unseen footage of the actress will be repurposed for Episode IX
The late actress Carrie Fisher will appear in the next Star Wars film, Episode IX, despite having died at the end of 2016. After promising not to use a computer generated doppelganger, Lucasfilm and director J.J. Abrams say they'll repurpose footage shot by the actress for Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Hear reaction from fan and blogger at 'Fantha Tracks', Mark Newbold.

(Photo: The late actress Carrie Fisher poses with a Stormtrooper. Credit: Reuters)

Investors approve Fox/Disney deal

Mickey Mouse
Getty Images

Disney and 21st Century Fox shareholders voted to approve the $71bn merger of the two media giants on Friday.

However, hurdles remain before the deal can be considered done. While the US Department of Justice has given the nod, Disney is waiting on approval from other jurisdictions including China and the EU.

The complex dance means Comcast is likely to win control of Sky - more detail on that here.