1. BreakingTrump projected to win Nebraska - but Biden picks up one electoral vote


    Trump is projected to win the majority of the electoral votes in Nebraska, but in a surprise, Biden is also projected to pick up one of its five votes.

    Nebraska is one of two states that splits its electoral college count, and the Democrat is projected to have seized the vote in Nebraska's 2nd congressional district.

    It's the first flip from 2016 on the map. Last election, all five of Nebraska's electoral votes went to Trump.

  2. Nebraska as an unlikely battleground

    Anthony Zurcher

    BBC North America reporter

    Conservative Nebraska would seem to be an unlikely electoral battleground. There is a scenario, however, where the state - or at least part of it - could decide who becomes the next US president.

    Donald Trump is projected to win here - but in a surprise, Joe Biden was able to pick up one of its five electoral college votes.

    This is because Nebraska is one of two states that allots some of their electoral college votes to the winners of individual congressional districts, in addition to the victor in the overall popular vote.

    Biden is projected to carry one of these districts, District 2, which includes the largest city in the state, Omaha.

    If the presidential race is close – if, for instance, Biden flips Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan from 2016 but loses Pennsylvania – having won Omaha could be the key in determining whether the Democrat becomes president.

    The year 2020, full of surprises and turmoil, may have a few tricks left up its sleeve still.

    Omaha Trump rally
    Image caption: Trump held a rally in Omaha last week
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