How I went from political refugee to a Texas police chief

Art Acevedo left Cuba as a child, he went on to become Houston's police chief
In 1968 Art Acevedo left Cuba with his parents and they became political refugees. He went on to become the chief of the Houston Police Department in Texas. He's the first ever Hispanic police chief in Houston and says that his life has helped him understand things from a different perspective.

(Photo: Houston Chief of Police Art Acevedo. Credit: Houston Police Department)

The Storm of the Caribbean

Cuban runner Ana Fidelia Quirot is one of the five fastest women in the world over 800m
Ana Fidelia Quirot has a pretty amazing nickname: people call her the 'Storm of the Caribbean'. That's because she's one of the five fastest women in the world over 800 metres. She's a two-time world champion who's also pocketed two Olympic medals. But she also has an incredible story of triumph over tragedy when she overcame bad burn injuries after an accident in 1993. Outlook's Jane Chambers travelled to Ana's home in Havana to meet her. (Photo credit: David Madison/Getty Images.)