Roti, doubles, Chutney music - why is Indo-Caribbean culture under threat?
Chandani Persaud fears Indo-Caribbeans are forgetting their culture, so she’s organising the UK’s first Indo-Caribbean festival.

Hurricane Dorian 'is still a monster'

Hurricane Dorian: there's "a lot of nerves among residents"
The most powerful storm to hit the Caribbean islands of the Bahamas since records began has torn roofs from buildings and caused severe flooding.  Hurricane Dorian is pounding the Abaco islands and Grand Bahama with winds of nearly 300 km (185 mph) an hour.  It was upgraded to a category 5 storm - the most serious - and is set to turn towards the south-eastern US after passing through the  Bahamas. Steve Bowen is a meteorologist and director of catastrophe insight at Aon, a risk management service in Florida.

Picture: Hurricane Dorian as seen from the International Space Station; Credit: NASA)