Len McCluskey

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    Video caption: Len McCluskey accuses Labour of 'witch hunt' over Jeremy Corbyn

    The leader of Unite accuses Sir Keir Starmer of "persecution of a decent man".

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    Video caption: Len McCluskey: Angry Labour members must stay in party

    The leader of Unite has urged Labour members angry at Jeremy Corbyn's suspension to stay in the party.

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    Video caption: McCluskey: Labour party was dying before Jeremy Corbyn

    Jeremy Corbyn helped people flock to the Labour party, the Unite general secretary says.

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    Video caption: Labour's Barry Gardiner pleads for union boss's support on live TV

    Labour's shadow energy minister Barry Gardiner made a pitch for Unite boss Len McCluskey to "call me" during an interview on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme

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    Video caption: Len McCluskey: 'Labour is not a Remain party'

    The Unite union leader, and Labour ally, said the party would "respect the 2016 referendum".

  6. Labour MP candidate selection 'a local decision'

    Simon Gilbert

    Political Reporter, BBC Coventry & Warwickshire

    Trade union leader Len McCluskey has denied any personal intervention with the selection process to fill the positions of two retiring MPs in Coventry.

    The retiring MP for Coventry North West, Geoffrey Robinson, has previously called the Labour Party's process to select his successor "shambolic and underhand", saying he'd been contacted by local party members amid fears that candidates would be parachuted in to fight in the next election.

    In each of the Coventry constituencies local, trade-union backed, candidates face a straight fight with candidates from London for the party nomination. Both final candidates will be known by the weekend.

    Len McCluskey

    Mr McClusky, general secretary of Unite, was in Coventry last night to deliver the Tom Mann memorial lecture

    "Unite in the region will be supporting colleagues, but it's not for me to intervene in local decisions," said Mr McCluskey, "I just wish our Unite colleagues the best of luck."

    "We are backing individuals, it is up to the local people to decide."

    "We have a process within my union and I've sent best wishes right throughout the union to the various candidates that are trying to get selected."