Women in business

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    Video caption: Lockdown business: 'I should have done this a long time ago'

    A Newport businesswoman who took the plunge during the pandemic is "absolutely loving" new role.

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    Video caption: When Michelle Ntalami couldn't find the products she needed, she made them.

    When Michelle Ntalami couldn't find the products she needed, founded a company to make them.

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    Video caption: Brexit: 'The best now is for it to be done and finalised'

    Beer boss Sarah John wants to know what's happening with Brexit, and for things to be "finalised".

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    Video caption: 'We don't yet know exactly what Brexit will entail'

    "Get Brexit Done" may have been a popular general election slogan, but what exactly does it mean?

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    Video caption: The rise of organic farming in Africa

    As many in Africa do not have access to land, they are using innovative solutions to grow crops.

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    Video caption: CEO Secrets: Vegan ice cream entrepreneur shares her advice

    Cecily Mills explains how moving back to her parents' house provided her business breakthrough.

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    Video caption: ‘Men need to advocate for gender equality’

    Women in business should not change and try following male culture, says Dame Stephanie Shirley.

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    Video caption: You've got to get close to your customers

    Winnie Awa says to boost her sales, she had to understand her customers' haircare problems.

  9. Do men in Tanzania want women to pursue their dreams?

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    Video caption: "They believe we'll have less time for the family and pull us back"

    "They believe we'll have less time for the family and pull us back"

  10. Four FTSE 350 firms have no women on board

    all-male board meeting

    Four companies in the FTSE 350 currently have no women on their board, The Times reports today.

    It names and shames them: Daejan, the property company; iron ore miner Ferrexpo; TR Property Investment Trust; and software group Kainos.

    In 2016 the government commissioned the Hampton-Alexander Review which set a voluntary target for firms to have a 33% female representation by the end of 2020.

    In March the Review, along with the Investment Association, wrote to 69 companies that had one or no women on their board to express "concerns".