The Holocaust

  1. Robert Rinder: Cumbria should be proud of refugee welcome

    Robert Rinder, best known for the TV series Judge Rinder, says Cumbrians should be incredibly proud of their history, for allowing orphaned Jewish refugees to begin new lives here in 1945.

    Robert Rinder

    He is the grandson of one of the refugees, who were collectively known as the Windermere Boys, and he features in a BBC One series starting at 21:00 this evening, which explores the impact of the Holocaust on his family and others.

    Quote Message: I arrived one morning in Windermere and saw with my own eyes what my grandfather and so many others would have seen, the air they would have breathed and the landscape they would have felt and you understood when they described that they had come quite literally from hell into heaven." from Robert Rinder
    Robert Rinder
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    Video caption: Kristallnacht anniversary: ‘We were frightened for our lives'

    A 96-year-old Jewish man who escaped Nazi Germany gives his advice to future generations.

  3. 'Important' for Holocaust memorial to be by Parliament - Ex-PM

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    Drawing of memorial

    David Cameron said putting a national memorial to the six million victims of the Holocaust in a park next to the Palace of Westminster is “symbolically important”.

    He set up a cross party commission in 2014 to look at plans for a national memorial and education centre to the Holocaust.

    The former prime minister told a public inquiry into the controversial plans to build it in the Victoria Tower Gardens by the Thames beside Parliament, that the memorial was “nationally significant.”

    Some people have objected to the site. They say the park is too small and the amount of exhibition space at the museum would be limited to one-seventh of the size of a football pitch.

    There are also fears it could be a target for terrorists.

    Mr Cameron explained: “The location next to our Parliament which is a symbol of our nationhood makes a statement, a permanent affirmation about the values of our society about tolerance and diversity, all those thoroughly important values we want children to learn and people to understand about our country.”

    “It is vitally important that we go on with this task of educating, explaining and remembering,” he said.

    His words echoed witness Maurice Helfcott whose 91-year-old Sir Ben father survived the Nazi camps and went on to captain the British weight lifting team.

    He said the symbolism and power of the location “is unique”.

    “The most important reason why the memorial needs to be built next to the Mother of Parliaments is a symbol which represents that the British nation with careful consideration and with cross party support decided to build it here.”

  4. 'Windermere boys' movie wins top European TV prize

    A BBC drama about the Jewish Holocaust survivors who came to the Lake District in 1945 has been won an award at the Prix Europa.

    The Windermere Children was judged to be the Best European TV Movie of the Year.

    Still from Windermere Children
    Quote Message: This story gives hope, told with a twinkle in the eye, making the children's stories, their traumas and their losses manageable for the viewer." from Comment from jury member
    Comment from jury member
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    Video caption: Watch Finding my Family: Holocaust - A Newsround Special

    Holocaust survivor Steven Frank takes his teenage granddaughter Maggie on a journey to learn about his experiences during the Holocaust.

  6. Holocaust survivor's link to liberator

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    Video caption: Looking for the person who in 1945 wrote 'good luck' to Buchenwald prisoner

    Looking for the person who wrote 'good luck' to Buchenwald prisoner on a banknote.

  7. Descendants gather to remember flight to 'Paradise'

    It's 75 years since hundreds of orphaned children, who had survived the Nazi Holocaust, touched down at Carlisle airport to start new lives and today, some of their descendents will gather there again to remember the occasion.

    Windermere boys in Prague

    The children, who became known as the Windermere boys and seen here leaving Prague, were taken to accommodation near Ambleside which they described as "paradise" after the concentration camps.

    Trevor Avery is the director of the Lake District Holocaust Project in Windermere which commemorates the the way they looked after for a number of weeks while their futures were sorted out.

    He says some of their plans have had to be altered this year, because of coronavirus, but he was determined that today's anniversary would be marked.

    Quote Message: I couldn't just sit at home and think well, this is 75 years ago today, I thought no better place to do something with safe distancing, to do it actually at Carlisle Lake District Airport." from Trevor Avery
    Trevor Avery
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    Video caption: An extraordinary nun saved Hélène Ullrich and 82 others during the Holocaust in France

    An extraordinary Catholic nun saved Hélène Ullrich and 82 other children during the Holocaust in World War Two in France.

  9. WW2: The nun who saved my life

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    Video caption: An extraordinary nun saved Hélène Ullrich and 82 others during the Holocaust in France

    An extraordinary Catholic nun saved Hélène Ullrich and 82 other children during the Holocaust in World War Two in France.