When does spring start?
Nick Miller explains why the meteorological seasons follow a different pattern to their astronomical cousins.

Are female meteorologists objectified?

Monique Robinson says viewers comment on her body shape
When Spanish meteorologist Monica Lopez shared a letter online from a viewer criticising her clothes and her body, her post went viral. 

It started a conversation about whether female meteorologist and weather presenters are objectified more than their male counterparts. 

Monique Robinson is a meteorologist for a TV station in North Carolina. She says when people see her in person, they comment on her 'curves'.

(Photo: Monique Robinson. Credit: WWAY)
An automatic weather station for Africa
Former BBC weather forecaster Peter Gibbs explains how a new low-cost weather station will work.

Geminids Meteor shower

Geminids Meteor shower

Weather forecaster: Why I presented with my baby on my back

Meteorologist Susie Martin wanted to promote International Babywearing Week
It was a good weather report for once. Or at least one that got a positive reaction. Meteorologist Susie Martin delivered the national weather forecast with her young sleepy son strapped to her back. She explains why.

(Photo: Susie Martin presents the weather forecast for Praedictix with her baby on her back. Credit: Praedictix)

Meet Michael Quetting a.k.a. Papa Goose

How scientist Michael Quetting became a father to 7 goslings
It’s very difficult to get accurate information about the weather. You can measure what’s going on on the ground – but what about up high up in the sky? In 2015 researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Germany decided to do an experiment with geese. They wanted to fit little match-box-sized data collectors onto their backs, and see how much information they could get. But to do it they had to find a volunteer who could fly a microlight to go up with the geese and was prepared to raise those geese from chicks. Michael Quetting agreed, not knowing how much the experience would change him. (Photo courtesy of Michael Quetting.)
Aeolus: How a satellite will measure wind across Earth
Meteorologists are hopeful Aeolus will have a big impact on the quality of medium-range weather forecasts.