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Loneliness: How befriending is helping the elderly
A scheme set up by a Northern Ireland health trust is helping lonely older people.

'Parliament can be deeply unpleasant'

Former minister Tracey Crouch says the mood in Westminster has been damaged
Tracey Crouch says Parliament can be a "deeply unpleasant" place at the moment.

The former Sports Minister told Westminster Hour presenter Carolyn Quinn that the mood around Westminster is very tense.

'Sometimes you feel very sorrowful'

Loneliness: How befriending is helping the elderly
"The two of us sit here and gabble ... it's companionship."
Helene Turner is 84, lives alone and says she often feels alone and isolated.
But she has formed a bond with volunteer Betty Harper through the Befriending scheme.
It has been set up by the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust and is one of many initiatives in Northern Ireland aimed at helping lonely older people.
Baby group brings smile to older people in Wivenhoe
Two community groups for parents with babies and elderly people join forces to tackle loneliness.
Posties help combat loneliness in Liverpool trial
Royal Mail workers chat to elderly residents and ask questions about their wellbeing in pilot scheme.
War veterans' Vision in Song choir combats loneliness
"If you're down in the mouth, fed up, jarred off - sing, it will bring you back to happiness."