Prof Paul Workman says 'long-term management' could help cure cancers
Prof Paul Workman says 'long-term management' could help cure cancers.

‘My diabetic son died from rationing insulin’

Nicole Smith-Holt explains why she’s become an advocate for affordable medicine
Desperate Americans cross the border into Canada to buy affordable insulin. One of them is Nicole Smith-Holt who’s organised a caravan to the country’s’ northern neighbour. She has been telling BBC Newsday why she’s joined the campaign launched by #Insulin4All, which is international charity that helps people suffering from or impacted by type 1 diabetes.

(Picture: Nicole Smith-Holt and her son, Alec, who died in 2017. Credit: Nicole Smith-Holt)
Fighting for the drug that pauses cystic fibrosis
Orkambi is a drug that targets a mutation that around 50% of people with cystic fibrosis in the UK have.
How do you tell your Pakistani dad you don’t want a career in medicine?
Studying medicine is considered as a stereotypical career your parents want you to do, but what happens when you want to study a less conventional subject?