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    Video caption: Pig heart transplant an absolute miracle, says patient's son

    David Bennett, 57, is the first person in the world to receive a heart transplant from a genetically-modified pig.

  2. Knife Crime ER

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    Video caption: In 2013 Reggie saw the extent of South Africa's violent crime by visiting a hospital.

    In 2013 Reggie Yates spent a week at a Cape Town hospital where, on any weekend, the doctors deal with up to 100 stabbings & assaults, with 80 per cent of those admitted under 25.

  3. Mary Seacole

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    Video caption: Greg and his guests discuss the life and times of 19th-century celebrity Mary Seacole.

    Greg Jenner is joined by Prof Gretchen Gerzina and comedian Nathan Caton to delve into the extraordinary life and adventures of the 19th-century celebrity, Mary Seacole.

  4. Edge of Life

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    Video caption: Louis Theroux meets patients battling for their lives in LA's most famous hospital.

    Documentary. Louis Theroux explores the American way of death as he looks at end of life care in LA's most famous hospital, the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre.