Mining diamonds in Botswana
De Beers is investing to communities in Botswana as part of a diamond joint venture with its government.

Congolese migrants fleeing 'attacks' in Angola

The Angolan authorities say there's been no crackdown on the Congolese miners
Thousands of small-scale Congolese diamond miners and their families living in northeastern Angola have been crossing the border back into their country. They say they've been the target of attacks from the security forces there. Giulia Paravicini, a Reuters freelance journalist, has been reporting from one of the towns along the DRC-Angola border. You may find her testimony disturbing. 

(Picture: Congolese migrants expelled from Angola carry their belongings on their way to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Credit: REUTERS/Giulia Paravicini)

Can diamond mining in Zimbabwe clean up its act?

The hugely controversial industry could be key to the future of Zimbabwe's economy
Zimbabwe is preparing for the first elections since the resignation of its former president Robert Mugabe. The current leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has been trying to persuade the world that Zimbabwe is a good place for international investors to put their money. This hugely resource-rich nation has a troubled history and one of the biggest areas for potential growth is diamond mining which has been hugely controversial. But can the country turn things around? The BBC's Ivana Davidovic reports.
(Image: Zimbabwean miner showing dog bites Credit: BBC)